Race of Life


It’s official, I think and analyze too much. But I love it! I ran a 5k this morning and of course could not live through it without turning it into a metaphor on life. 

I just found that while running, little adjustments to my focus made a big difference to how I felt and how I ran. And isn’t that so true in our daily walk as well? I can think about how much longer I have to go or how my legs are tired and just try to accept where I am (which is sometimes needed and good for sure). But when I looked ahead to where I wanted and needed to be, my running improved. So here is my poem, ‘Ode to Running’? Or maybe ‘Look Ahead’ 😊

Look ahead!

It’ll make your feet move faster

Look ahead

There are goals to keep in sight

Look ahead

As the past moves further behind you

Look ahead

Keep your gaze set right
When you win

Celebrate your victories

When you are steady

Accept your pace

When you slow down

Keep on pushing

When you are done, rest

Then get ready for the next race

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