When we evaluate people, we evaluate them on what we have experienced.  Therefore, our evaluations are ALWAYS limited to some degree.  If you were to look at my mistakes and judge them based on your experience, my mistakes may appear catastrophic!   But if you were to compare my mistakes today to my mistakes from 15 years ago, you would be astonished at my growth!  Therefore evaluations are always relative.  And that is where perspective plays such a huge role in our judgments.  We seem to always be praising the idea of not judging one another until it doesn’t make sense to us.  Then judging seems the right thing to do.  I get it.  I do it too.  But I’m trying my best to understand that just because I don’t understand someone’s actions doesn’t mean I have the right to judge them but to try my best to give them understanding, forgiveness, compassion and kindness. 



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