6 thoughts on “Keep Moving

  1. Reminds me of a sermon Joyce Meyers did a long time ago about the paralytic man brought to the pool every day. Her bottom line: is your faith strong enough to move inch by inch until you reach your goal or just lay there and whine about your choice not to even try to move. Bam! Hit me right between the eyes. Some days are hard, real hard. But if you force yourself to move that hard day even a centimeter in the goal bound direction, it’s a win! Thank you for this awesome poem that reminded me to keep moving in my hard season!

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    1. I love the comparison you drew to her sermon and you’re welcome. It’s definitely something I’m learning right now. In the past I’ve waited for everything to be done for me – maybe laziness, fear of making wrong choices, fear of failure but I’m learning to combat that with taking all the steps I can each day and believing that will make a difference. 😊💖

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      1. I’ve been in the lazy camp, the ask someone else camp, the I’m too tired camp, and let’s not forget the fear camp! There I’m a regular attender. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Not proud. But eventually we leave and inch by inch…. we move in the right direction! God’s grace is a blessing.

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