Attraction is a dime a dozen

It comes and goes like the wind

Conjure it up, fill in the blank

Take the picture and hit send

But ask me about my soul

What fuels my flame to fire

Show me who you are inside

And I’ll show you true desire

Make a Dent


We want magical

Earth shattering

Mind blowing days

We want mysterious

The unexplained

Beyond the mundane

We want 

the in between times

Full of contentment and grace

We want answers

Purpose, Wanna make a dent 

in this place

Loud Faith


You hold my hand

And walk with me

You know everything on my mind

You understand

And see my heart

You’ve plans in your own time

If what I want 

Is beneath Your desire

I submit my will to Yours

You know better

And my vision is limited

So my wanting I’ll endure
Let my faith be my patience

Let is rise above the rest

Let it be the loudest voice 

My heart hears

As I’m tempted by trials and tests