Once upon a time I loved you

Then it all came undone

Before I’d look for you in the morning

Now from you to the nights I’d run

Talks I loved now drowned in silence

Your arms nowhere to be found

What ever happened and where did it go?

To this paper are we really bound?

The words start to trickle

A little at a time

The truth now painting a picture

Of what happened in this heart of mine

Why now? Why not then?

Are the angry words we can cry

But now is better than never

And we’ve got to give this a try

A try for us

A try for them

Walking in faith

Trusting in Him


Rebuilding Our Home


I saw gaping holes in the walls of my home

Where wind and water came through

The wind would howl, the curtains blow

Yet there was nothing I could do

My hands were not skilled for this

The damages beyond my scope

If left to fix this on my own

I’d have no reason to hope

Still, I worked day and night

Patching where I could

Eliciting help from others

From anyone who would

But the storms kept coming

Faster than the repairs were made

Ready to give up

I called it a day

Then my Father showed up

Ah, yes the Carpenter!

He said, move aside dear

I’ll take it from here.

His hands began working

With such skill and ease

I knew He was the expert

Of whom we had need

He first revealed the patches

That were causing only harm

He saw the break in the foundation

And faulty wiring in our alarm

Yes this job was way too big for me

His expertise far surpassed my own

And here He was now helping us

And would not stop til he rebuilt our home.

Psalm 127:1

“….Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain….”