This ache will dull in time

I will just keep taking it day by day

And trust the wound you’ve left

Will one day go away
It may take longer than I want

It may not be today

But down the road I’ll find healing

As I keep taking it day by day




And then suddenly

the weight is lifted

The road looks clear 

And it all just feels like a bad dream

Experiencing joy, sorrow, freedom, grief

All in the course of one day

So I stop, breathe in deeply

And love all that I have, all that remains



I am in the throws of judgement

Lord have mercy

I feel their glares, their fiery eyes

Their pity stares as they pass me by

I’m sure I’m deserving of plenty pain

But I’ll ask you be merciful

Open this road, let me go on my way

I’m ready for brand new again

I’ve over worn my stay

I’m letting it all go

It was never mine anyway.