Not By Merit


If you tell me how good you’ve been

How many awards you’ve earned

How many distinctions to your name,

I can’t relate.


If you tell me how wise you have been

How kind is your heart

How much sacrifice has been given

You’ll leave me in a wake.


The only victory I’ve known

The only battles overcome

The only character I’ve won

Has been by His love alone.


My strength has been a gift.

My growth gained by His mercy

My path redirected by His grace

This is the only only goodness I’ve known.


But, what a goodness it has been.

Never forsaking

Never leaving

Full of compassion and mercy

Always convicting

Always pushing me to grow

But loving me every second of the way.

This is the only love I know.


Psalm 63:3 Because Your mercy is better than life, my lips will give You praise.