A Place to Dance

Analogies, Poetry, Thoughts

The music comes on loudly and we begin.  We follow a charismatic and talented instructor leading us through all of the dance moves.  The dances are fun and challenging.  These dance classes have become a place of therapy for so many.

This is where health journeys begin and self confidence blooms.

Friendships are formed and depression seeps away.

Growth is occurring in the bodies, hearts and minds of my fellow dancers today

Maybe this will be the first time someone will dance without thinking or find freedom to give it all they’ve got.

Maybe they are mastering a dance sequence they have been working on for weeks or learning to not beat themselves up if they don’t.

Maybe they are aiming to jump a little higher or let go of the burdens they carried into the room that day.

Maybe someone is learning to accept the reflection they see in the mirror or dancing away their grief or pain.

Maybe someone is expressing joy with their jumps and finding strength in their bodies they didn’t know was there.

This is a room full of people who have come from different places and all face unique sets of challenges.  But for one hour as we are all dancing side by side to the same songs, this room becomes a place of growth and change.  Day after day, we give it our all.  We work through the tough stuff of life and we come back stronger the next day.  This dance class, this room is life.  Who are you dancing next to and what are they challenged with today?  Let’s be patient with one another and keep dancing into a better tomorrow.

I Want


I want to create

Want to affect change

Want to add something to the day

That will make a different tomorrow


I want to make good things clear

And help bad things disappear

Want to smile with those in joy

And cry with those in sorrow



Tether me

Tether me

To Your side

For in my heart

Lurks desire

To go astray

Tether me

Tether me

To Your side

To keep me near

And protect me

From my own way


Romans 7:15

I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.

Race of Life


It’s official, I think and analyze too much. But I love it! I ran a 5k this morning and of course could not live through it without turning it into a metaphor on life. 

I just found that while running, little adjustments to my focus made a big difference to how I felt and how I ran. And isn’t that so true in our daily walk as well? I can think about how much longer I have to go or how my legs are tired and just try to accept where I am (which is sometimes needed and good for sure). But when I looked ahead to where I wanted and needed to be, my running improved. So here is my poem, ‘Ode to Running’? Or maybe ‘Look Ahead’ 😊

Look ahead!

It’ll make your feet move faster

Look ahead

There are goals to keep in sight

Look ahead

As the past moves further behind you

Look ahead

Keep your gaze set right
When you win

Celebrate your victories

When you are steady

Accept your pace

When you slow down

Keep on pushing

When you are done, rest

Then get ready for the next race